The client sought functionality alongside luxury at SNN Claremont’s 4BHK. Our design meets this demand by seamlessly blending sophistication and comfort.

Location: Bengaluru

Category: Full Home Interior

Project Description

The client sought functionality alongside luxury at SNN Claremont's 4BHK. Our design meets this demand by seamlessly blending sophistication and comfort. Using wood, beige, and grey, we create a timeless ambiance. Meticulously crafted interiors ensure functionality, while Whiteteak's dropdown lights add opulence. Every corner, from living areas to bedrooms, exudes refined luxury, transforming the space into a functional sanctuary where style and comfort converge effortlessly.

Site Survey & Plan

Our first step when starting any renovation is the research, or planning phase. We measure and photograph the existing space and get to know our clients: their needs, desires, inherent aesthetic, etc. For this client, the needs were many: a more open space and as much storage as physically possible. From this early programming and surveying meeting, we are able to transport the existing space back to our office in the form of existing floor plans and photographs.

Schematic Design

During the schematic design phase, we translated the client's vision into reality. Each room was meticulously designed to reflect their preferences, from the striking kitchen with designer tiles to the elegant grey room illuminated with captivating light effects. The concept of a dedicated cappuccino room was brought to life with a thoughtfully chosen wallpaper, while the master bedroom exuded English-style charm with luxurious touches like crystal-adorned lights. Attention to detail extended to the dressing area and cupboards, ensuring every aspect met the client's expectations.

Design & Development

With the floor plan finalized, we delve into fleshing out every aspect of the design, from cabinetry details to selecting lighting, colors, fixtures, and furniture. Through extensive visual communication, we ensure our client comprehends our design concepts and envisions the finished product. Tools like Photoshop are employed to illustrate design options and justify our recommendations, ensuring clarity and alignment throughout the process.

Construction Documents

Detailed construction documents provide a clear roadmap for builders, streamlining the construction process and minimizing questions. By addressing design details upfront, we enhance efficiency and ensure smooth progress. Drawing out these documents facilitates effective communication with ourselves, clients, and builders, resolving potential issues proactively.

Construction Oversight

We maintain close collaboration with the builder throughout every phase of the project to ensure smooth progress. Regular site visits allow us to address field decisions promptly and provide guidance as needed. Our hands-on approach ensures that any questions or issues are resolved swiftly, contributing to the successful execution of the build.


At Artyss Design Studio, our ultimate satisfaction is transforming lives through impactful design. Our client's feedback, like their appreciation for the kitchen and designer tiles, reaffirms our commitment to excellence. From crafting unique rooms to the "cappuccino room," every detail is tailored to enhance their daily lives. Our success is measured by the profound impact our designs have, making their satisfaction our greatest achievement.